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Residents are willing workers, motivated to experience the realities of living and working communally at a small-scale organic farm and education center. Residents have a commitment to living sustainably and generally come to the program with experience practicing these skills. The residential program is designed as a hands-on practical experience in farming and sustainable living. Although there is no set curriculum, individuals participate in the seasonal duties pertinent to the farm operations. They receive instruction and supervision as necessary in the day-to-day workings of the homestead. In addition to the scheduled required hours, all members of the community participate in basic tasks such as meal preparation, community meetings, and housekeeping in the community building.

All residents are required to sign a waiver releasing D Acres of New Hampshire, Bet Realty (the organization that owns the land and buildings) and the Trought Family from any liability for injury.

Residents enjoy: three meals a day utilizing food sourced on-site and through an organic distributor, use of the telephone during non-business hours, access to wireless internet, rustic living accommodations, the great outdoors of NH, and usage of the library and facilities of D Acres of New Hampshire. Residents are encouraged to participate in all on-site workshops and events. This is an opportunity to participate in communal living, decision-making, and networking in an environment that encourages sustainable practices. Participants are expected to actively engage in this immersion program to accomplish personal learning objectives and organizational success.

Looking for College Credit?
A PhD faculty person is available to do on-site evaluations in collaboration with your faculty advisor. If college credit is to be received D Acres requires submission of a learning contract with the sponsoring agency prior to arrival.

Is this program right for you? 
The residential program is designed as a participatory program. The program is not designed to be an academic education. There is no classroom time. The tasks that need to be accomplished on the farm are often repetitive and require long hours of hard, focused work to be accomplished. Participants contribute the positive enthusiasm and effort required to fulfill the organizational mission. Participants must be self-directed yet willing to work in a collaborative process.

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