Board of Directors

Will Ferullo

Will Ferullo is a longtime supporter, staff member, and board member. His diligence, deeply rooted beliefs, and steadfast work ethic make him a keystone of the farm while maintaining the vision that has been set forth. Layers upon layers of deep connections have been established through his efforts over the years, along with the layers upon layers of mulching! Physically and metaphorically, he is committed to tending D Acres as a working model for permaculture and building a diverse ecosystem that will sustain the organization for years to come.
Will is assisting guests on the farm: leading tours/offering workshops and directing our ongoing stream of interns and volunteers in day-to-day projects. We welcome his woodworking talents as an asset to improving existing structures while creating new avenues of revenue through cottage-based industries here on-site in the future.

Alan Rosen

Alan grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University in 1977 with a 
degree in electrical engineering. He then spent 13 years living and working in Annapolis, MD, for a government contractor. Somewhere along the way he discovered the joy of mountains and met and married Peggy. Multiple trips to the White Mountains and further afield followed. As the years went by the desire to live in the mountains grew stronger. With Peggy's blessing and strong sup-port he then changed career paths and entered Albany Medical College, graduating in 1994. After finishing a residency in family practice (and producing 2 sons-Dan and Josh)the family moved to rural NH. He currently works at Mid-State Health Center in Ply-mouth, a community health center. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, telemark skiing, house projects and paying back his debt to Peggy.

Josh Trought (Staff Representative)

Daniella Dana



MaryAnn McGarry

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About D Acres

D Acres of New Hampshire is a not-for-profit Permaculture Farm and Educational Homestead located in Dorchester, NH. Read about our mission, our weekly meals, camping and lodging, and events and workshops.